Step 1

Develop The Assignment Specification

  • Industry and company research
  • Company history and background
  • Hiring manager interview and selected employee interviews (3-5)
  • Job Description and The Standard — Agreed
Step 2

Research & Sourcing

  • Define the search strategy
  • Identify target industries and companies
  • Expose candidates matching the The Standard, Professional Criterias
  • Calibration Call — review initial candidate profiles
Step 3

Contact, Screening & Evaluation

  • Initial phone screen and assessment vs. The Standard
  • Evaluation interview and screen for motivation and personality fit
  • Overall assessment and candidate ranking
  • Candidate Reports presented — top 3-5
Step 4

Candidates Submitted, Interviews Arranged & Conducted

  • Client interview preparation and scheduling
  • Candidate preparation
  • Client interviews, feedback and communication
  • Finalists Determined — top 2
Step 5

Final Interviews

  • Pre-offer conferences, all obstacles removed
  • Determine and communicate terms of offer
  • References and background check completed
  • Extend offer, gain offer acceptance, set start date

“I have worked with Bill Rowe on two critical C-Level searches, and he and his firm truly delivered great talent that fit our culture."

— Harold MacDowell, CEO