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Mark Williamson

Founder – Impact20Group

Mark P. Williamson, MBA, BSME, Founder. Mark graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in finance in 1984.

After working for EDS for three years in corporate finance, he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering, which he completed in 1991 at the University of Texas at Austin. During this time, he worked with oil & gas drilling equipment manufacturer, Camco, and later with Reed-Hycalog, both in Houston, TX.

Beginning in 1992, Mark worked in Houston as the technical and sales support manager for Champion Elevators, a manufacturer of rack-and-pinion industrial and construction elevators primarily serving the petro-chemical industry.

In 1997, Mark received an MBA from Rice University in Houston. He completed several entrepreneurial ventures in Europe and Texas, including a project to bring European-made drill bits to the US oil exploration market.

In 1999, he accepted the position of Vice President, Business Development with Intermost Corporation (a Chinese-based developer of business-to-business software) where he remained until 2002.

Williamson is a proud member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, ASME, as well as a member of the Petroleum Engineers Club of Dallas.